Rent Furniture in NJ

Rent Furniture in NJ For Your Fall Networking Events

Fall is a great time to host a networking event! Renting furniture from NJ’s best furniture stores may not be the first plan that comes to mind when planning a networking event, but today we’ll show you just how easy it can be.

Rent Office Chairs and Desks For A Big Group Hiring Event

Today’s hiring managers know that finding staff is hard—really hard in the current workforce! As a result of ongoing short staffing, some business owners have changed their approach. Instead of interviewing just one or two candidates, many are hosting big group hiring events, or employment fairs. But where will you put all these applicants if you are only planning on hiring a few of them? Renting office chairs and desks will give the potential applicants a place to sit to complete paperwork, take tests, or interview with hiring managers.

Lease a Conference Table For Your Industry Networking Night

Fall is a popular time for professional networking, whether that is industry networking or local business networking. At your event, how can you showcase your information? Leasing or renting office furniture, including a conference table, could be your solution. If you build it, they will come—so call your local furniture rental store to make arrangements.

Furniture Rental in NJ Is Easy With CFR

Nobody wants to spend a lot of their work day coordinating furniture rentals. In NJ, you can make life easier when you shop CFR Rentals! We don’t just rent furniture, we provide furniture rental and leasing services that make your job easier, including scheduled delivery and pickup, options for setup and disassembly, and clear, easy communication. We make furniture rental easy so you can focus on your job!

If you’re planning an event at your business this fall, make sure you have plenty of furniture to sit, work, and talk with your colleagues. CFR Rentals makes it so much easier!

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