CFR: Breathing New Life into Your Open Plan Space with Used Office Furniture Rentals

CFR: Breathing New Life into Your Open Plan Space with Used Office Furniture Rentals

Are you looking to refresh your open-plan office without breaking the bank? Consider the sustainable and cost-effective option of used office furniture rentals from CFR! We offer a diverse selection of high-quality pre-owned furniture, perfectly suited to create a dynamic and functional workspace.


Why Choose Used Office Furniture Rentals?

  • Significant Cost Savings: Save up to 70% compared to buying new furniture, freeing up budget for other business priorities.
  • Sustainable Choice: Extend the lifespan of existing furniture, minimizing environmental impact and promoting responsible resource management.
  • Flexible Solutions: Rent individual pieces or complete sets, customizing your space to suit your changing needs and team size.
  • Fast and Easy Setup: Receive your chosen furniture quickly, often with same-day or next-day delivery and installation options.
  • Wide Variety of Styles: Our inventory features diverse brands and designs, allowing you to create a unique and stylish office environment.


Did You Know? Studies show that well-designed offices can significantly boost employee productivity and morale. Used furniture rentals offer a budget-friendly way to achieve a comfortable and engaging workspace without compromising on style or functionality.


Open Plan Expertise:

CFR understands the unique demands of open-plan offices. We offer a curated selection of used furniture specifically designed to facilitate collaboration, communication, and efficient workflow. From ergonomic workstations to modular desks and collaborative tables, we have everything you need to create a thriving open-plan environment.


Explore Your Options:

Visit our website,, to browse our extensive inventory and discover the perfect furniture solutions for your open-plan office. You can also call us at (973) 442-1577 to speak with our experienced team and discuss your specific needs.


With CFR's used office furniture rentals, you can transform your open-plan space into a dynamic and sustainable environment that fosters collaboration, productivity, and employee satisfaction. Contact us today and discover the possibilities!

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