Host a Spring Hiring Fair With Ease When You Rent Office Chairs and Tables in NJ

Host a Spring Hiring Fair With Ease When You Rent Office Chairs and Tables in NJ

Booming businesses in NJ have a major challenge: Staffing! Fortunately, NJ’s furniture rental services can help you to plan and host a spring hiring fair with ease. Since the furniture is only rented, it will be easy to return it and focus on all those new hires. Keep reading for tips on hosting a spring hiring fair with rented office furniture.

Rent Conference Tables and Invite NJ’s Best Business Professionals

When planning a hiring event in your industry, you want to represent the best local business professionals. And that doesn’t just include “showing up,” that means providing these business owners and hiring managers with a nice space to display hiring materials and pre-interview candidates. Conference tables or oversized desks are perfect rental furniture solutions for this issue, allowing your business associates to present with grace and ease.

Large Presentations Are Easy With Rented Office Chairs

Many hiring events include large presentations for potential hires. Where should they sit? When you rent office chair or waiting room chairs from our furniture store in NJ, all of your guests will be able to sit comfortably, attend to the presentation, and tell their peers how professional your hiring event will be. Best of all, when you rent furniture in NJ from CFR, we can even help with the delivery and setup of rental furniture.

Lease or Rent a Desk For New or Temporary Hires

If your hiring event goes well, you may have some new hires! In some industries, your staff may train in one location and go on to work in another—or maybe they are only hired on a temporary basis. If you don’t want to be “stuck” with another desk and office chair, rent one and enjoy the peace of mind that you can return it when you no longer need it.

Ready to plan a hiring event? For hiring, training, or special events in your workplace, rent furniture from CFR Direct in New Jersey for the best quality and customer service.

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