Here’s Why A Local Furniture Rental Store in NJ is A Smarter Choice

Here’s Why A Local Furniture Rental Store in NJ is A Smarter Choice

If you’ve made the choice to rent office furniture instead of buying new, you’ve already made a smart choice. Renting office furniture can free up finances, reduce storage needs, and leave you to worry about your business. But if you’re still choosing a place to rent your office furniture from, you may wonder if there are any benefits to renting furniture locally versus renting from a nationwide furniture store. Keep reading to see how CFR does furniture rentals differently, and how we can help your office look its best!

Pros and Cons of Online Furniture Rental

Nationwide furniture stores offer their furniture for rent online, and boast that they can get whatever you want to wherever you are. Many offer furniture rental deals that are far lower than would see from a local store, or a much wider variety of furniture options. But is this really worth it? Keep in mind that nationwide furniture chains often rent their furniture out all over the place, so that table you rented in NJ may have been in California, Florida, Maine, or Michigan just a day or two before. This can cause additional wear and tear on the furniture, and with so many warehouses, you’re taking a blind shot at customer service. Even more, when your furniture has to travel across the country, you are contributing more to climate change. You may save a few dollars, but quality and strong customer service often take a hit.

Pros and Cons of Renting Office Furniture Locally in NJ

On the other hand, when you rent office furniture from a trusted, local furniture store with just a few warehouses in New York and New Jersey, you can go right in and check out that furniture yourself! You know that the same management team is handling all your furniture needs, and if you or a neighbor has ever done business with that local furniture store, you can trust that the furniture will be clean, professional, and ready to shine in your business space. Local furniture stores are often able to respond to customer service issues more quickly, and reduce the travel needed to get the furniture to you.

Are you ready to rent office furniture in NJ today? Check out the easy and convenient furniture rental and leasing services from Commercial Furniture Resource Direct!

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