Does It Make Sense to Lease or Rent Office Furniture Instead of Buying?

Does It Make Sense to Lease or Rent Office Furniture Instead of Buying?

When you start up a new business, or open up a new location, you need furniture. So, should you lease or rent that office furniture, or should you commit to buying it? CFR Rentals has been providing high-quality furniture rentals in New Jersey, and we’re here to share some tips to decide if a purchase makes sense, or if you should lease or rent your office furniture.

Rent Furniture For A Startup Or New Location

If you’re starting up a new business, or opening a second location for an established business, renting furniture is a smart idea. Even the best business owners know that the majority of new businesses are likely to fail, which is why renting or leasing furniture is a smart business move. Remember, every business needs an exit strategy, and “return furniture to furniture store” can save a lot!

Buy Furniture When You Know Exactly What You Want

Once your business is established, you know exactly what you need as far as furniture. If you’re replacing that well-loved office chair, you may want to shop within the same name-brand so you can find the same comfort and features. However, if you’re exploring ergonomic seating, standing desks, or a new office configuration, renting office furniture lets you try out different styles with ease.

Furniture Leases in NJ Extend Your Cash In Hand

In today’s economy, everyone is thinking about budgeting. If your firm has little cash on hand, you can extend this by reducing your office furniture costs. When you rent office furniture from a furniture rental in NJ, you only pay for the rental term—not the whole cost of the furniture. And, if things don’t work out, you haven’t sunk your resources into that furniture.

Check out the office furniture rentals and leases from Commercial Furniture Resource Rentals for an easy, cost-effective furniture rental for your NJ business!


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